Wednesday, March 11, 2009

[ Website Disclosed ]

As I Search for a new website to indulge my addiction to shopping. I came across this EXTRA FABULOUS website. As i scroll from page to page, dresses to shoes, each time I came closer to love [ hah ! ].

It was like almost everything I've [ we've ] been looking for. I HAD to share this with someone. And only knew of one person that shared my problem. I hated to tell but I did. As soon as she knew of it...we were enticed together. Both of on different pages finding new things to add to our "wish-list". Strayed away from our school work and anything that we needed to be doing. We bring out the worst in each other...luv ya!

The only thing that crushed my dreams were prices...ugh! It's ok. I will soon have what i want in my possession. The colors, the style, the EVERYTHING. Me && my friends live for that Sex && the City lifestyle and this website is everything for it. It's something I can't help and I can't but only dream of a credit card with a bigger limit [ currently $1000 ]Why must they tease me?. Ugh. Life.
Shoes && Clothes && Accessories = My lIfE w/ no Money

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