Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New iPod Shuffle....uhhh idk

So here it is. To be released later on today. The new Shuffle. They sooo almost had me when I heard it had NO BUTTONS [ shocker ! ]. I was like " oh it must have some cool other button feature to it.

So anxious to find out about this little gadget. And Watched the "Guided Tour" . As i go on watching it. I realize....oh this thing isn't shit. You ACTUALLY have to read instructions to actually just to play a song. And I understand the sleeker bout... easier to loose??? Oh the best part...YOU CANT JUS BUY YOUR OWN HEADPHONES. Seeing how to control the damn thing you need the headphones. Thanx apple. Another way to get us to spend more money!

But hey, Its a nice idea.

- heartless ♥ romantic

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