Monday, October 12, 2009

Hope = Dissapointment

Why once we start to break loose of the shell that keeps people from entering in, do we start to see why we stayed enclosed in there? Were often told that were going to end up alone if we don't learn to let people in. And as far as i see it. Sometimes. Ending up alone looks pretty darn good. If it helps protect me from being hurt and so i don't have to deal with the nuisance of caring for another person. The happiness can only happen for sometime, but there is so much a person can give. - Im going back into my shell

heartless romantic

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


heartless romantic


i f.cks wit this song. got two of the baddest in the game ! need i say more????

heartless romantic

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I jus Love This Pic.....

this is how my drunken nights go. LOL

heartless romantic

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sometimes, We Just Cant Explain it......

Feelings. Have you ever had that one person come into your life and just not understand the way you feel for them. When everything started out to just have fun and then you see that it didn't go as we planned. I've come to realize the more you get to know a person the more u start feeling for them. You don't even realize till you have some alone time and your thoughts start to scatter. You find yourself thinking about that person, wishing you were with them, and wanting to talk to them every chance you get. But then you start question yourself. Why do i feel this way? Why do you keep running across my mind? Why is it him.....

Its aggravating when you cant explain why you feel a way for a person, even more so when you didn't expect to have them. Afraid to admit them because your afraid to scare away the person, and give yourself too much hope for something that may not even happen. But as i ask myself over and over again, Why? The only answer i can get is..... i don't know. we just do.

Then is comes to nights like these where I'm here venting out my feelings. Realizing i need to get over myself that i need to accept the way i feel. Because no matter how I feel im still happy to have that person in my life. They make me laugh and I can talk to them. In some ways, in this short period of time, i've realized and changed some things about myself.

Point Blank.... I like you. And I just don't know why.

heartless romantic