Sunday, March 22, 2009

Take a step closer...

Why must it be, when a girl is upfront with a dude that she automatically wants sex?
Why can't a girl be friends with a guy, without him getting attracted some way?
Why girls find the need to go after a guy, Just because he has money?
- and then the bitch wanna sing miss independent. YOU FOOL!
There is so much wrong in this world. To those who are reading, Welcome to the world of a cold heartd girl. ♥It's those dudes who at first seem really nice, but once you let them past that shell. True colors start to show, and you feel like a fool for letting them through. [ Numb ]

♥We try and stay strong believe that it won't happen again. But once it does, how dumb to we feel. [ Number ]

♥The agony of everyone else finding happiness, and your still stuck in the same spot. [ Jus wtf. Numb ]

♥The one person who you truly gave your heart to comes bac, and you let them have it again. But all of a sudden on some brand new shit. [ JUS FUCK IT ! ]

There's no point of trying to look for love or someone. Who wants to deal with the aggyness of worrying about the other, or vice versa. Some people say I don't know what i coud be missing. I believe I rather miss out than get hurt. My friends bring me happiness and i dnt have to worry about them( that much ), and the best part...I dont have to fuck them to keep them around. Honestley, If there someone TRULY out there for me. They'll find a way to get through my wall. Till then, 'tis all. Im out.


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