Wednesday, March 11, 2009

IM TiRED 0f iT!

Since I've moved down to the 'A' some time after Diddy's whole campaign with the "No bitchassness", I thought we all may have learned something not only bout others...but ourselves. As well some niiave part of me thought that would be all left up north. Hah! yea right. How has the dumbness followed me [ us ].


As the active and overly social person that i am, i love to meet new people and plan to persue a friendship with any person [ prefably a guy ] before anything else. And that's JUST how i'm going to act until proven otherwise. But it seems that guys cannot accept that. And people call me stubborn?!!Oh and i'm VERY nice at that too, espcially to someone who i would call a friend.


From the great deal of people that I've met since being down here [ came down in August ]. Do you know how many people have pissed me off because of there "BITCHASSNESS"!. Too many to count. I met this one guy. He came off like he had the same motive as me...jus to be friends...and when we chilled for the first time he brought his friend along....who was WAYYY cuteer/ HAWTER than him...bad move buddy. His friend showed more intrest in me as if he wanted to persue something and i did likewise. Dude noticed, and is now mad at me. l0l. First off if you want something don't expect people to read your mind, GO FOR IT AND MAKE IT KNOWN.


SOOO000 AFTER the fact, he decided to make it known that he was feeling me, my response was, your too late and I honestly don't feel the same way. Made him even more mad. I laughed. Soo time went by and I thought like any other guy he would get over it. Nope. Still bitchin about it. Mind you he has a gf now. Why??? Like wtf are you still mad for??? GROW UP. I tried to dead everything and be friends, he wasn't having it. I gave up on it. But here comes the best part. The dude he brought around that I was supposed to be talkin to...found out he had a gf the whole time.....[ facebook tells ALL ]. WHY? These are the types of dudes that make girls like me....HEARTLESS.


I can't ever understand why people can't be honest with what they want and how they feel. Because your not slick enough to get away with it or have the SWAGG to continue it w/o being caught. Am i the only one that thought we were in COLLEGE???? I guess some people will never grow up and continue to be stuck in the sad.


Me and a friend of mine who I am dearly close with but pisses me off WAAYYYY too much. Tend to go through similar problems at the same time. The best part is that, we tend to have the same dudes try and talk to us...AT THE SAME TIME. Like clearly you can see by our pictures that we hang out together, like A LOT. Sooo do you think were dumb??? It's so bad to a point were i cannot talk to her for a week and jus go to her randomly and ask her if -[ enter dudes name ]- is trying to get at her, and I'll be right.


Now, I don't want a relationship or anything right about now. I'm jus far to damaged to deal with BS unless i feel like a person really want's to try. But what i do want for the girls who can still be saved. Is for guys to get it together. Be smart. Be real. Be you and not what your "homies" want you to be.

Here's some tips;
  • - tells ALL- like really there's some FBI's [ FaceBook Investigators ] out there
  • the AUC is ENTIRELY too small to be hoing around in
  • -Question your "Swagg" before you approach....smh
  • Beware of the girls you try and get at. Not every grl is dumb. Some want the same to the hoe about it. May make your life a WHOLE lot eaiser.

`im out for now...


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  1. did i mention....?
    i FUCKIN LOVE U 4 THIS!!!!!!!!!!