Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weed Vs. Alcohol .

I never understood why Alcohol is more so legal than weed. Personally I see Drinking has more negative side effects than weed.

I never had a banging ass headache after smoking a bunch of weed.

Never took me a day to fully function again either.

Never have I passed out from smoking a lot.

I mean I’ve had a weed coma sleep…but that was some damn good sleep.

Never blacked out .

Always have good memories.

Okay so it may burn going down.

But it doesn't last long.

Sh*t weed is even prescribed for medical uses.

What the hell can alcohol heal that wont return in the morning.

I never don’t see why we can’t smoke and obtain a job.

I probably can function better high than drunk.

I’m just saying, drinking will help drown out your problems for the moment, but end up up right back on top of your brain in the morning with a serious headache ( for those who aren't lucky ) . Smoke something with a few good people and laugh your problems away, and fall into a deep sleep with out worrying about anything. Maybe the sex may be a little different, at least i’ll remember it high. But I wonder, if weed was legal… would less people do it?

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