Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 5 ♥ Letter To My Dreams

I’m GOING to achieve you
Beware I am COMING for you.
I cant quite put into stone what exactly I want, but I have few ideas and working each one of them everyday. Only thing that can stop me is God himself. Im not stopping til I’m satisfied and financially stable, no I dont want to be filthy rich…. but I want live without worrying about not having enough to pay my bills or food. In retrospect … I want to ”fuck and live comfortably” . haha I don’t know why that popped in my head, but it made sense for me. 
I have a lot I want to do. So theres plenty of options for trial and error. I know the pathway to there will be rough, hell I’m experiencing my own turbulence now, but i’m holding on tight and enjoying the ride taking anything that knocks me off course as a learning experience….never a regret. 
At the end of this journey, I know a lot of the people here now won’t be there in the end and even some of those will try to come back once they see your doing good. I’m prepared. As long as I know my family will be there…. its all I need.
I can see you, but yet so far away to touch.

heartless ♥ romantic

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