Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Let Me Express My Thoughts

A broken Heart could never heal on its own. Many people feel as if they can heal their own wounds . But the heart is not one that can be mended on its own. The heart heals by the love of the surrounding people as well a the love the person is feeling for themselves. And you can't get that feeling if your surrounded by people who just bring you down. The heart wants what the heart wants. And it wants that night and shining armor. Someone to show that there is not all bad people out there, that there is someone that can mend these wounds....for good.

Failed attempt and failed again, only lowers the hope of heart causing to fall apart rather than rebuild. It comes to a point where you feel as if you may have a good "Doctor". But scared to let him in. Feeling though it is safer to stay b r o k e n than to risk breaking even more.

It makes it harder when you cant play the role of the Mind Reader && doesnt know what The Doctor wants to do. The game of "lets fix this heart" is not to be played be anyone. More so an " invite only ". But we know every player and attempting player there is always a cheater. Which only makes it harder for the next players to come along. And then were back at stage one.

An open mind && a closed heart......doesnt go well ♥


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